Monday, March 24, 2008

The erstwhile version of aniprop.f has had a bugfix

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The erstwhile version of aniprop.f that was (is?) available on my website has been superceded by an all-in-one version that computes dispersion curves and synthetic seismograms all in one program. Adapted and debugged on an Intel Mac in gnu fortran.

Google Drive, directory JParkCodes/aniprop_072307.f

after a bugfix is now

Google Drive, directory JParkCodes/aniprop_032408.f

The code computes surface wave modes at evenly-spaced frequency points between 0 and 0.5 Hz. You can change this by tinkering with the code. It computes synthetics for a source at a specified downrange distance and depth, and plots them using PLOTIT. The dispersion values are output to files out_cvel and out_gvel (phase and group velocities, natch), and the synthetics are written out to SAC-format files.

The bugfix concerned a LU-decomposition with partial pivoting that could fail in cases where the radial and transverse components of motion in a layered structure were totally uncoupled e.g., isotropic media, or media in which the axis of symmetry for anisotropy had strike angle phi=0.